Paradise lies under the feet of mothers.
There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.
The choice is yours.
Albert Einstein

Magic Adventuretm Pregnancy

Learn, discover and experience how magical nine months of pregnancy can be!

A pregnancy is a magical period. At the same time it is an enormous change in your life, which can be associated with many challenges. You’ll be invited to explore your spirituality and development in various new areas of your life.

Magic Adventure Pregnancy will help you develop in your role as a parent and all the aspects related to that. We’ll let you experience what you can do to positively influence your life and the life of your baby – for now and for later. For eight weeks long the happiness and vitality of your pregnancy will be the focus with the aim of letting your pregnancy run smoothly. You’ll relax, feel more confidence, energy, joy, and balance so that you’ll have a solid foundation for the (important) first year of your baby.

Develop yourself and LEARN to listen to your intuitive wisdom and strengthen the intuitive bond with your baby. DISCOVER how you can positively influence your baby with your emotional, mental and physical balance. EXPERIENCE the magic of balance and awareness during your pregnancy.

Magic Adventuretm Pregnancy lasts eight weeks and is for pregnant women who want to develop themselves for the benefit of their baby and in this way get the most out of themselves and their pregnancy/parenthood. MA Pregnancy consists of:

  • Two or four 1-on-1 sessions (if desired with partner) of a minimum of one hour with a personal Magic Adventures Coach (MAC) in your neighborhood
  • Coaching by telephone (or by Skype with video) by a MAC during various moments of your Magic Adventure
  • During your entire 8 week Adventure your MAC will support you via e-coaching
  • For 8 weeks long you will receive stimulating educational assignments (Adventures), fun surprises, and inspirational messages via SMS, e-mail and post that will set you in motion for the Adventure of your chosen theme.
  • Continual access to Magic Adventures Skype for extra support
  • Possibility for a Magic Break; you can interrupt your Magic Adventure once for a period of a maximum of 2 weeks. This can be for a vacation or just because you want to pause and let an experience sink in.
  • Magic Support System – you may (without obligation) choose someone from your circle of family and friends to become your Magic Supporter; we’ll invite him/her in a fun way to support you during your Magic Adventure.

Magic Adventuretm Pregnancy can be followed as:
  • Een Magic Mini (including 1 personal session) and costs € 150,00
  • Een Magic Adventure Regular (including 2 personal sessions) and costs € 375,00
  • Een Magic Adventure VIP (including 4 personal sessions) and costs € 575,00

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Some health insurers reimburse the consultations that are included in your Magic Adventure. The reimbursement and the amount are depending on the conditions of your policy.