The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things (~Plato)
While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about.
Angela Schwindt

Magic Kids Adventures

Magic Kids Adventures Magic Kids Adventures helps kids to grow up brightly!

We recently partnered with Evelyne Kramer, the magic creator of the game “Wonderspel”. Click here to get an impression of this game. Together we have developed the Wonderspel into a children's edition. We train children’s coaches/therapists to play with the Wonderspel. Together we also developed programs for schools and other organizations. If you’re looking for coaching for your child, then the Wonderspel is a wonderful way for your child to develop and to achieve his/her learning objective. Click here for a list of all our official accredited MAC4KIDS in the Netherlands.

Every child has the desire to be able to do something well. Every child has the wisdom to know what he/she can. The game Wonderspel gives a child the ability to get to know his own qualities, to understand and take effective action to allow this miracle to happen.

The Wonderspel is a game where children are guided to the fulfillment of a wish or a learning objective. In 12 steps the child explores his own qualities and gain insights into achieving his goals. In the Wonderspel, children’s senses are stimulated in a way to enable tapping into their intelligence. Both the left and right brain are activated. By doing this, children are better able to remember what they are learning and this makes learning more enjoyable as well.

According to The New Learning it is no longer the question "How smart are you?” but “How are you smart?" The American psychologist Howard Gardner (1943) found that you can be intelligent in more ways than one and recognized eight types of intelligences. What would happen if a child could understand that you can be smart in other ways? With the Wonderspel, we encourage children to tap into their multiple intelligences, to gain self-confidence and to develop and use their ability to self manage. The game is based on the ideas and input from the children themselves.

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