Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.
Water, air, and cleanliness are the chief articles in my pharmacopoeia.
Napoleon I

Magic Adventuretm Detox

Learn, discover and experience the magic of a toxin free body!

Health is the result of the body’s natural ability to detoxify itself. Magic Adventure Detox activates and optimizes this natural ability. Detoxification is a good way to bring your body to optimal health! These days, with our way of life, regular detoxing is a must for everyone.

LEARN to detox your body, mind and emotions and DISCOVER how easy and pleasant detoxing can be! EXPERIENCE renewed energy, happiness, and an optimal functioning body!

From our environment and surroundings we receive a lot of unnecessary harmful substances in our body. Just consider what we get through food, water, air and cosmetics. Toxins such as pesticides, colorants, soot particles, additives, preservatives, anti-caking agents, taste, odor and sweetener agents, plastics, heavy metals, chlorine (showers and swimming pools), fluoride and many more. But obstructive emotions and stress affect your body negatively as well. All these toxins are stored in our bodies and result in various symptoms such as dulled sensations, obesity, allergies, chronic or other vague complaints, sleeplessness, stress, and a gray rapidly aging appearance. Detoxification is therefore an absolute must!

Magic Adventure Detox lets you experience how you can shed all the accumulated bad substances in your body in a healthy, pleasant, and responsible way. Because thoughts and emotions negatively influence your body (think about what stress alone does to your body!!), Magic Adventures Detox will also address the detoxification of your mind and emotions. While completing the Magic Adventure you’ll quickly notice the rewarding results. This will include among other things more energy, a feeling of happiness, an optimally functioning body, clearer skin, brighter eyes, and a fresh vital look. You’ll feel more energy immediately, and in the longer term a more efficient immune system resulting in less disease and more vitality. Clean your body and mind and feel more fit, vital and healthy. Magic Adventure Detox will share with you information and experience which will lead to permanent changes in your lifestyle so that you will not only feel more vitality, but you’ll become biologically younger, thus live a longer, happier, and more energetic life!

Magic Adventuretm Detox lasts eight weeks and is appropriate for anyone who would like to live a longer life with more vitality and energy. A Magic Adventure Detox consists of:
  • Two or four one-on-one sessions of one hour with a personal Magic Adventuretm Coach (MAC) in your neighborhood
  • Telephone coaching (or Skype with video) with a MAC at various moments during your Magic Adventure
  • During your entire Adventure you will have support from your MAC via e-coaching
  • For eight weeks long you’ll receive stimulating educational assignments (Adventures), fun surprises and inspirational messages via sms, e-mail and post which will get you moving on the theme of your chosen Adventure
  • Continual access to Magic Adventures Skype for extra support
  • Possibility for one Magic Break; you can pause your Magic Adventure once for a period of a maximum of two weeks. This can be for a vacation or just to let a Magic experience to sink in.
  • Magic Support System – you may (without obligation) choose someone from your circle of family and friends to become your Magic Supporter; we’ll invite him/her in a fun way to support you during your Magic Adventure.

Magic Adventuretm Detox can be followed in one of the following ways:
  • A Magic Mini (includes 1 personal session) and costs € 150,00
  • A Magic Adventure Regular (includes 2 personal sessions) and cost € 375,00
  • A Magic Adventure VIP (includes 4 personal sessions) and costs € 575,00

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Some health insurers cover the personal consultations of your Magic Adventure. The coverage and the amount will depend on your policy. .