FLOW with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.
Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.
Lao Tzu

Magic Adventuretm Mom in FLOW

Do you live according to what you find important in life or do get on your daily treadmill and realize that it can’t go on longer like this? But you go on anyway. The question is: do you do something about it now, or do you wait until something goes wrong? How big is your desire for more enjoyment, more FLOW, more happiness? Every desire requires an action, a new mentality. Are you ready for this?

Magic Adventuretm Mom in FLOW gives you more insight into your lifestyle so that you can easily bring more balance to your life goals in the area of work, family, relationships, personal development, health, etc. You’ll feel happier, stronger, more vitality and also more aware of the here and now so that you can enjoy the most out of life. As a bonus: you’ll have more me-time!

Magic Adventuretm Mom in FLOW lasts eight weeks and is for everyone who would like (again) to experience more pure balance and happiness in their life. The Adventure consists of:

Magic Adventuretm Mom in FLOW duurt acht weken en is voor iedereen die (weer) meer puur balans en geluk in z’n leven wil ervaren. Het Adventure bestaat uit:
  • Two or four 1-on-1 sessions of a minimum of one hour with a personal Magic Adventures Coach (MAC) in your neighborhood
  • Coaching by telephone (or by Skype with video) by a MAC during various moments of your Magic Adventure
  • During your entire 8 week Adventure your MAC will support you via e-coaching
  • For 8 weeks long you will receive stimulating educational assignments (Adventures), fun surprises, and inspirational messages via SMS, e-mail and post that will set you in motion for the Adventure of your chosen theme.
  • Continual access to Magic Adventures Skype for extra support
  • Possibility for a Magic Break; you can interrupt your Magic Adventuretm once for a period of a maximum of 2 weeks. This can be for a vacation or just because you want to pause and let an experience sink in.
  • Magic Support System – you may (without obligation) choose someone from your circle of family and friends to become your Magic Supporter; we’ll invite him/her in a fun way to support you during your Magic Adventure.

Magic Adventuretm Mom in FLOW can be followed as:
  • Een Magic Mini (including 1 personal session) and costs € 150,00
  • Een Magic Adventure Regular (including 2 personal sessions) and costs € 375,00
  • Een Magic Adventure VIP (including 4 personal sessions) and costs € 575,00

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Some health insurers reimburse the consultations that are included in your Magic Adventure. The reimbursement and the amount are depending on the conditions of your policy.