To love what you do and feel that it matters, how could anything be more fun!
If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.
Albert Einstein

Mindful Life Management

This Adventure will be soon available in English

Work Life balance has become a popular concept and in our society, with declining unemployment, the growing use of Internet and the increasing participation of women in the labor market, it is becoming increasingly important. Through this adventure, we focus on this balance, where we go beyond the balance in the workplace because we understand that the balance of free time and YOU as a person has an important influence on the performance at work inducing and bringing commitment.

In MA Mindful Life Management, we focus on your self, how to improve your quality of life and on increasing your knowledge and self-management. We recognize that as a woman you need to fulfill multiple roles such as mother, partner, employee/entrepreneur, daughter, friend, etc. We invite you for each role to explore what matters to you so that you can mindfully manage your balance and happiness. For this purpose, we will use a model which we especially developed: "The Wheel of my Life" which you can use to manage your most important life goals.

Develop yourself and LEARN how to guide your life in all its facets. DISCOVER the magic of mindful living and working. EXPERIENCE optimum balance and happiness. Read here

MA Mindful Life Management is for anyone who would like more balance and happiness in work and life. The adventure lasts 8 weeks and costs € 975,00 (excl.19% VAT) and consists of:
  • Three one-on-one sessions of 1.5 hours with your personal Magic AdventuretmCoach (MAC).
  • Telephone coaching sessions (or with Skype/video) with your MAC for feedback and to track your progress. Your MAC will be available via e-coaching continually during your whole Adventure.
  • For eight weeks long you’ll receive stimulating, educational assignments (Adventures), fun surprises and inspiring messages using SMS, e-mail, and post that will get you moving (and keep you moving) towards an adventure with yourself where you’ll learn, discover and experience.
  • Continual access to Skype for extra support related to the program.
  • Magic Support System - you’ll be able to choose someone from your circle of friends/family to be your Magic Supporter, and we’ll invite him/her in a fun way to support you during your Magic Adventure.
  • Possibility for one Magic Break; within the 8 week period you’ll be able to choose a moment to temporarily stop your program if desired.

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This Adventure was created in collaboration with Yura Boerma fromMAM Coaching.

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