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Moeder Teresa

Magic Twinkle

A Magic Twinkle is for anyone who could use a little magic in his/her life, but can’t afford a Magic Adventure. Every month we give away a Magic Adventure to someone who needs it.

Do you know someone whom you think could be eligible for a Magic Twinkle? Send us an e-mail to twinkle@magicadventures.nl explaining why you think the person you nominated deserves a Magic Twinkle. Also indicate which Magic Adventure is most appropriate. If your nominated person is the winner, then we will personally let you know this.*

If you would like to give a Magic Twinkle to someone (friend, colleague, family) then this is of course also possible. We would like to reward this Twinkle with a nice gift. You can simply register the person to whom you want to give the Magic Twinkle to using the registration form. Mention in the comments field that it is a Magic Twinkle along with your name, postal address, email and mobile number (you will get your gift automatically within 7 days).

* Over de uitslag kan niet worden gecorrespondeerd.

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