MAC is someone who helps you getting insight on why you are doing the things you are doing.
MAC guides you to Live Your Best Life!


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MAC stands for Magic Adventures Coach. At the start of a Magic Adventure you will get assigned a personal MAC. All Macs are certified, experienced lifestyle coaches. They manage, like no other, the contents of your Magic Adventures, will have the right attitude and skills as a coach, and will coach in accordance with the Code of Ethics. Besides the coaching of your Magic Adventure a MAC can also conduct additional individual coaching sessions.

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In our turbulent life not always does everything go the way we would like it to. Sometimes you get stuck or you face time and time again fixed patterns and can’t quite find the right path in the maze that you seem to find yourself in at that moment in time. You do not know which path is the right one for you, and what is the next step you should take in order to get to the desired result.

Why do you seem to stumble over and over again? What is the best path that will lead you to making your desires and goals come true? What should you be doing differently? And how? Your MAC will give you insight and guide you towards that which you currently long for. Your MAC will also guide you towards your inner strengths and help you to discover your hidden abilities. Or perhaps you are feeling like you’re headed in the right direction? But you’d like to go further? To more happiness, more vitality or more pleasure in your work? Your MAC can also help you here.

Your MAC will stimulate you to be the best you can be! But your MAC would also like to see you happy, healthy and energetic on your path and will therefore strive for you to achieve permanent changes.

During a Magic Adventure, your MAC, together with the back-office team of Magic Adventures, will personally guide you for 8 weeks long towards your goals and desires, in your chosen theme. Your MAC will not only guide you via e-coaching, but also in personal one-on-one sessions. When necessary you’ll have telephone contact with your MAC as well. During the personal sessions you’ll be able to dig deeper into the issues most important to you. These sessions (unless otherwise agreed) will take place at your MAC’s place of practice.

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