We should come home from adventures, and perils, and discoveries every day with new experience and character
The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your Adventure.
Joseph Campbell

What is a Magic Adventure?

A Magic Adventure is a personal development program based on a chosen theme, personally coached by a MAC.

Are you an Adventurer?
A Magic Adventure is for anyone who is open for his/her own life adventure and would like to optimize his or her life experience. Whether it is about health, happiness, relationships, work or another context in your life, a Magic Adventure is for anyone who is prepared to take steps to realize their goals and desires. Willingness to learn, curiosity, and reflection are ideal abilities to take with you on an adventure.

Life is a big adventure in which you learn, discover, and experience. But a lot of us don’t see and feel the magic anymore and in some areas of our lives we are busier with survival then with reflection and wonder! This manifests itself ultimately in dissatisfaction, physical symptoms, depression, burn-out, relationship problems, fatigue, apathy, the feeling that something is missing in life, that life is on automatic pilot, the postponement of desired changes and longings, etc… Does any of this apply to you? Are you feeling ready for an Adventure?

Magic Adventures is about the optimization and revitalization of your life. All Adventures invite you to get the best out of your life and the best out of yourself.

How do we do that?
By teaching you to be the adventurer in your own life. The Adventures are about you. You will start working with yourself, with your desires, your dreams, your beliefs, your obstacles and everything you need in order to make your life adventure magical.

Besides the ongoing personal coaching by a MAC, a Magic Adventure offers you via multimedia a range of theories that you can then practice in an Adventure (an assignment/exercise) so that you are able to learn, rediscover and consciously go after what you want to achieve. You’ll get unique insights and you’ll experience realizations. We’ll train you at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. You’ll learn, discover and experience. Read here how others have experiences their Magic Adventure.

A Special Adventure
A Magic Adventure will inspire you and teach you how to see the magic of your life again. It will challenge you in many ways to go on an adventure. You will get different tools from us, which will allow you to lead the life you desire, and we’ll teach you how to find and keep the magical balance in your life. You’ll notice quickly that you’ll have more insight, awareness and purpose. You’ll also notice that you’ll feel more strength and energy, and you’ll develop more confidence to live the life that you desire.

What is unique about Magic Adventures is that due to the multimedia aspect you’ll receive a lot of personal attention. You’ll have contact from us every day. We do this in a manner that easily fits into your daily life. We’ll challenge you via email, SMS, post, telephone, and of course you’ll meet your MAC for personal one-on-one coaching sessions. Through this daily contact, we can ensure that you reach your desired changes. Each Magic Adventure is available in three forms:

  • A Magic Mini - this Adventure lasts two weeks and next to the two-week e-coaching program, you’ll enjoy a personal coaching session with your MAC
  • A Magic Adventure Regular – this form lasts eight weeks and next to the 8 week continual e-coaching program you’ll receive telephone consultations, and two personal sessions with your MAC
  • A Magic Adventure VIP – this form lasts eight weeks as well but next to the e-coaching and telephone consultations, you’ll receive four personal sessions with your MAC
  • Do you want an extreme Adventure? A customized Magic Adventure is also possible. Email us for more information.

When we develop a Magic Adventure, we use successful methodologies and knowledge from various psychosocial disciplines including: health psychology, cognitive psychology, psychoanalytic and humanistic theories, neuropsychology, NLP, NEI, quantum psychology, Heart math, Silva Method and Omega Health Coaching. In your personal coaching by a MAC, if desired, we can also use these therapies and methods.

No Adventure, but would like some coaching?
Besides following one of our Magic Adventures there is also the possibility to reserve one or more individual coaching sessions from Angélique Davis, Founder Magic Adventures or from one of our Magic Adventures Coaches.

Some health insurers cover the consultation during a Magic Adventure. The amount of reimbursement depends on your policy conditions.

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